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Our name is eAlicia University and we are an online training company that offers first-rate elearning courses , with exceptional customer service , that you can do from the comfort of your home.


eAlicia University arises from the experience and “know how” of more than 25 years of Bussiness Consulting - Consulting C3, a Spanish consulting firm belonging to the MST holding group, dedicated to serving large companies throughout Europe in customer service.

Our in- depth knowledge of customer service in sectors as different as insurance, banking, telecommunications, pharma, automotive and mass consumption has allowed us to generate a content base delivered in training courses that cover very broad topics and for all hierarchical positions related to customer care .

Our intention is to bring this knowledge to companies in all countries that want to achieve the level of excellence in customer service in a professional and simple way.

Hence the idea to create eAlicia University, the first website that allows buying and studying specialised content in Spanish in all areas of customer service.

eAlicia Univesity reaches our clients through the eAlicia platform, a tool for quality management in customer service from the perspective of quality issued and perceived , which enables quality evaluations of interactions with customers, as well as surveys and elearning training for all staff in customer service departments.


Advantages of customer service courses


The eAlicia University virtual store is synonymous with quality , so we guarantee to have the widest variety of specialised elearning courses to suit any budget. 

Our team , made up of innovative people, has the drive and means to constantly update and improve your training, to ensure you get the best version of yourself.


eAlicia Univesity's online courses are organised by topic and these are divided into sections or pills consisting of a content and a test or quiz, in which at least 75% must be answered correctly.


Students have access to view their grades and a history of the courses in which they have participated, whose exams can be repeated up to three times as standard.


Our content has been developed specifically for the customer service area , based on more than 20 years of experience in the search for excellence.


All this training for the improvement in the job, brief, clear and direct to the objective, contributes to the motivation of the employees and substantially improves their service quality levels.


EAlicia University courses offer content related to:


  • Development of communication and attention skills

  • Customer loyalty and Customer Service

  • Optimization of the corporate image

  • Excellence in telephone service

  • High-quality daily customer service

  • Handling of complaints, claims and incidents

  • After sales service

  • Call Center and Contact Center management , with or without Help Desk


What courses do we offer?


We offer a multitude of specific courses adapted to the peculiarities of the different business sectors , as well as for the needs of each of the professional areas such as Customer Service, Technical Services, Claims Management Departments, Secretariat and Reception , and in general for all personnel with a significant part of their work managed over the phone .


Among our elearning courses you will find specific training on:



Free customer service courses


We offer customer service courses for companies and individuals at very reasonable prices, with an unbeatable quality / price ratio .


As an individual, you will find economic online courses that will enable you to improve your employability and competitiveness in the labour market, allowing you to develop your professional career.


Companies benefit from the continuous training of their employees in multiple ways: homogenising the brand image, increasing the quality perceived by customers, improving sales results, increasing the ability to work as a team and building loyalty among the employees and others.


In addition, companies and workers who contribute for professional training can take our courses for free by applying bonuses to Social Security contributions that will allow them to recover their investment.


The subsidised training for companies is free for workers and may be a minimum cost for companies with sufficient annual training credit.


All companies listed for Vocational Training , regardless of their size and date of creation, have a minimum training credit of 420 euros.


As an organising entity, we can manage the bonus of all the courses included in our training offer .


This management is included in the price of the courses. This means/ i.e. FUNDAE management is free of charge.


Requirements of the subsidised training


The State Foundation for Employment Training, FUNDAE , through the management of public funds, helps companies to carry out continuous training of their workers using a training credit that is made effective through the application of bonuses in the Social Security contributions.

In order to be subsidised, the training must meet the following requirements:


  • To have a minimum of 2 teaching hours

  • To be related to the activity developed by the company

  • Be aimed at the acquisition and improvement of the skills and professional qualifications of workers


In order to be able to subsidise the training of its workers , the company must comply with the following obligations:


  • To be up to date with their tax obligations and Social Security obligations.

  • Guarantee free training for participants in training activities.

  • Maintain for a period of four years the documentation justifying the training actions on which they have applies bonuses.

  • Identify in a separate account or specific heading of your accounting all the expenses of execution of the training actions and the bonuses that are applied, with the common reference to all of them of “ Professional Training for Employment ”.

  • Submit to the verification, monitoring and control actions to be carried out by the competent bodies.


The training of salaried workers who provide services in private companies and contribute to Social Security as Vocational Training can be subsidised, as well as workers who are in the following situations:


  • Fixed discontinuous workers in periods of non-occupation.

  • Workers who become unemployed when they are undergoing training.

  • Workers covered by employment regulation in their periods of suspension of employment by authorised file.

  • Workers affected by temporary measures of suspension of contract for economic, technical, organisational or production reasons, in their periods of suspension of employment


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