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Prospecting, Loyalty and Customer Retention Course

Prospecting, Loyalty and Customer Retention Course


100% reimbursable course for companies


Quality Customer


In this course you will learn about loyalty strategies and their benefits.

We will also develop the impact of customer loyalty on results, as well as recruitment, loyalty and retention techniques.


    Prospecting is the engine for your business to grow. Your goal is to generate interest in as many people as possible, and make them buy your product or service. This will lead to more chances of having new customers and your company will grow faster.


    Conversion and Loyalty are the engines of your company's liquidity. These engines aim to convert the leads generated into new customers for your company and to retain existing customers. We say it is the engine of liquidity because every time you sell something, the cash register rings and your business increases cash flow.


    Retention is the engine of long-term sustainability. This engine seeks to retain its customers, for a company to be profitable and sustainable in the long term, it must be able to make business with its customers over and over again.


    El curso de Prospección, Fidelización y Retención de Clientes tiene una duración de 26 horas. Su contenido está dividido en 12 puntos principales:



    • Introducción
    • Preparación: Las Tareas Previas
      • Las 7D de la preparación de Ventas
      • La Exploración
    • El Comprador Potencial
    • La Explicación de la Conducta de Compra
    • ¿Qué son los nichos de mercados y como identificarlos?
      • Características de un nicho de Mercado
      • ¿Por qué es importante detectar un nicho de mercado en tu negocio?
      • Beneficios de Especializarse en un Nicho de Mercado
      • Herramientas para Detectar un Nicho de Mercado Rentable


    Módulo 2: MARKETING.

    • Introducción
    • Marketing Directo
    • Marketing de Atracción
    • Publicidad Efectiva
    • La Estrategia de “el envió de mails”
    • La Estrategia de PUV (Propuesta Única de Ventas)



    • Introducción
    • La Estrategia de Presentación de Ventas Efectivas
    • La Estrategia de el “Proceso de Ventas Sistemático”
    • La Estrategia de “Psicología de Ventas”
    • La Estrategia del “Neuroventas y Perfiles de Comportamiento”



    • Introducción
    • La Estrategia del “Control de la Entrega y Servicio al Cliente”
    • La Estrategia de “La Escalera del Desarrollo de los Clientes”


    *El temario de los cursos puede adaptarse a las necesidades de la empresa en caso de matriculaciones de más de 10 alumnos por curso.


    To anyone interested in occupying management positions for whose performance it is necessary to know how to carry out negotiations within the commercial activity, including self-employed workers and SMEs who understand customer loyalty to their brand and how the commitment to it affects their business, affecting sales and corporate reputation.


    • Sales and commercial managers who wish to improve their objectives and aspire to improve their corporate image


    The formative dynamics, for companies that enroll more than 10 students, part of a previous study, in which those areas that require greater reinforcement are analyzed. The previous analysis allows us to use real cases between client-company in the training action.


    Aimed at individuals and companies, eAlicia University is a platform to study specific content online, related to customer service in all its areas, such as customer management through different channels, management and supervisory leadership of a Contact Center or the personal development skills and professional effectiveness necessary to occupy a prominent position in the sector.

    The main objective is to provide quality on a professional elearning training that allows anyone to specialize in the different topics related to customer service.

    eAlicia University is an elearning platform, practical and very simple to use. The courses can be followed from any device during the contracted period.

    After receiving the access codes by email, you will be able to connect to the platform and enjoy the specific contracted content.

    You will have access to the necessary functionalities to carry out the course (or courses) to which you are enrolled.

    It is not necessary to have a high computer level to take the course. Each course is structured in different topics, where you will find the training content and the relevant assessment tests.

    In addition, you will have access to your notes and the file with the history of all the courses.

    The list of enrolled courses will appear on the screen, as well as a brief explanation and the progress status of each one.

    Companies that contract eAlicia University will have added customization options.


    In order to receive the access codes for the enrolled courses, it will be necessary a previous payment.

    The forms of payment that we have available are credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro) or through your UnionPay card. And just by giving us your email we will activate the possibility of paying by bank transfer or deposit account

    The payments are totally safe. Your bank details are transmitted directly to the banks' collection platforms, without eAliciaUniversity or third parties accessing sensitive information at any time.

    Every time you enter the shopping cart, you access in a secure page to guarantee the confidentiality of all data and forms of payment. This process may take a few seconds.

    All prices have VAT included.

    For companies that wish to purchase more than 10 courses or extend the access time to the platform, they can consult the discounts in the shopping cart.

    The data for issuing invoices must be completed on the form that appears after accepting the shopping cart.

    Companies will be able to access other payment methods if they are already customers, through the email


    • Online content of the contracted course / s
    • Content developed by professionals in the sector in Spain
    • Content entirely in Spanish
    • Minimum period to study: 2 months
    • Access allowed from any device connected to the internet
    • Access allowed 365 days 24 hours
    • Personalized access codes for each user or student
    • Access codes for tutor, in case of being a company
    • It allows to visualize the progress of the students in the enrolled courses (connection time, last connection...)
    • Knowledge assessment tests
    • Personalization options for companies
    • Online support
    • Accrediting diploma

    The beginning of the Training Action for all participants will depend on the type of training contracted.

    The sending of the access credentials will be:

    - For eLearning training : from five working days after hiring (without FUNDAE Management).

    - In case of 100% Bonus eLearning training (Exclusive training for companies) - 12 days before the beginning of the course (for Companies with a Committee at least 15 days in advance, according to the legislation).

    The FUNDAE Bonus Management is included in the price.

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