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Excellence in Telephone Attention for Technical Services Course

Excellence in Telephone Attention for Technical Services Course


100% Bonus Course for companies


Professionalism on the phone


With our course of excellence in telephone service we will teach you all the keys to providing good telephone service. You will learn to transmit an excellent service and a brand commitment.

With these pillars in your communication you will reap immediate results!


    SAT companies, or technical assistance services are those that offer maintenance or repair services for equipment, both domestic and for office, industry and telecommunications.

    These services can generally respond to a manufacturer's warranty for a defined period of time or simply to a repair previously offered by the same company.

    The technical service offers a set of actions carried out by a specialist in order to prevent or solve problems with equipment installed in a building of the end customer; therefore, the importance of a reliable and timely service is paramount, as well as being able to offer an operational capacity of a 100 mark; since, the use of these equipment for clients is essential for their day to day.

    As we understand urgency as consumers, being able to repair our items with the service that can offer us the highest quality and optimal repair time is essential.

    The main objective of our course is to achieve the essential bases to offer an exceptional, professional and homogeneous telephone service in Technical Assistance Services, taking into account the needs of the end customer and learning the main communication tools.


    The course of Excellence in Telephone Assistance for Technical Assistance Services (SAT) has a duration of 20 hours , divided into the following modules:


    - introduction


    - The impact of your management

    • Orientation and Typology of Clients of the SAT
    • The importance of offering a good image
    • Quality of service and customer expectations


    - Telephone Service Tools

    • Greeting and goodbye
    • Voice-related variables
    • Positive vocabulary
    • Cordiality
    • Security
    • Interruptions
    • Silences
    • Timeouts
    • Speed as the key to success in the SAT


    - Effective Communication and Listening

    • The communication process
    • Barriers and difficulties in communication
    • The importance of feed-back
    • Active listening


    - Professional Perception

    • Attitudes: styles of behavior
    • Motivation
    • Teamwork
    • Fulfillment of customer demand
    • Detection of needs


    - SAT proactivity

    • Proactive services
    • How to meet the needs
    • Customer loyalty


    - Incident Treatment

    • Avoid getting emotionally involved
    • Empathy
    • Assertiveness
    • Channeling and Emotional Self-Control
    • Value Language and Time
    • Collaboration Language
    • Personalize
    • Thank the Complaint


    - Tools for daily use, such as leading the conversation


    - Professional Perception: Quality in customer service



    * The syllabus of the courses can be adapted to the needs of the company in case of enrollment of more than 10 students per course.


    Customer Service and Technical Services Areas, Claims Management and Reception Departments, and in general all those technical assistance service personnel with an important part of their work managed over the phone .

    We help you unlearn and learn again. Your work is important to others, and we will help you to do your best.

    The formative dynamics, for companies that enroll more than 10 students, part of a previous study, in which those areas that require greater reinforcement are analyzed. The previous analysis allows us to use real cases of the client company in the training action.


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    The main objective is to provide quality and professional elearning training that allows anyone to specialize in the different topics related to customer service.

    eAlicia University is an elearning platform, practical and simple to use. The courses can be followed from any device during the contracted period.


    After receiving the access codes by email, you will be able to connect to the platform and enjoy the specific contracted content.


    You will have access to the necessary functionalities to carry out the course or courses to which you are enrolled.


    It is not necessary to have a high computer level to take the course. Each course is structured in different topics, where you will find the training content and the relevant evaluation tests.


    In addition, you will have access to your notes and file wi