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Emotional Intelligence for Teamwork Course

Emotional Intelligence for Teamwork Course


100% Bonifiable course for companies


Emotional Intelligence for Performance Improvement


Emotional intelligence is the ability to control and regulate the feelings of oneself and of others and use them as a guide for thought and action.

The emotional intelligence of team members can make the difference between a high-performing team with better results and a low-performing team with mediocre results.


    • Acquire knowledge in Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience, in a fun and practical way, for awareness and training in skills and resources
    • Developing Emotional Intelligence, mental flexibility and attitudes for teamwork
    • Training in everyday attitude and stress, promoting more effective communication with oneself and with other team members
    • Develop skills towards success, mental flexibility, personal and professional excellence, and conflict resolution

    The Emotional Intelligence for Teamwork course lasts 26 hours .

    The course agenda is as follows:


    - What is Emotional Intelligence applied to leadership in the company

    • Definition of Emotional intelligence
    • Emotional intelligence applied to the leadership of a company
    • The importance of emotional leadership
    • Recognize the factors that motivate us to change
    • How to identify, discriminate and self-regulate emotions
    • He ate managing his own emotionality
    • Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligence
    • Competences
    1. Self-awareness
    2. Emotional Control and Self-regulation
    3. Motivation and Motivation
    4. Empathy
    5. Social skills


    - The workplace


    • Healthy workplace concept
    • The importance of the work climate
    • Life Skills Approach
    1. Cognitive
    2. Social
    3. Emotional
    • Personal and organizational barriers to learning
    • Quality of work life and professionalization
    • Emotional Intelligence applied to the prevention of work stress


    - Emotional Intelligence applied in Team Management

    • Group and individual emotional intelligence
    • How to get superior performance
    • Teamwork
    • Conditions of a Motivated Team
    • Effective communication in negotiation
    • Decision making
    • Assertive behavior
    • Leadership and promotion of values
    • Relationship management and conflict prevention
    • How to encourage and develop Emotional Intelligence in the team



    * The syllabus of the courses can be adapted to the needs of the company in case of enrollment of more than 10 students per course.


    • Trainers, Executives, Executives, Middle Managers, Psychologists, Teachers, Team Leaders and in general, any professional / person interested in walking the intense path of emotional management and obtaining greater professional and personal performance.


    The training dynamic, for companies that enroll more than 10 students, is part of a previous study, in which those areas that require further reinforcement are analyzed. The previous analysis allows us to use the client company's real casuistic training action.


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